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8 Sneaky Ways to Save on your Heating Bill

I know winter is coming. It’s coming fast. It’s getting cold. The heat needs to be on. And this year, because prices are so high, we may be experiencing quite an expensive heating season. Especially if you live in colder parts of the country like I do. Unfortunately, there is not a whole lot you can do to sidestep the heating costs. Unlike in summer, this is a necessity and can be life threatening if you leave your house unheated. With the rising fuel, costs, however it may be difficult to cut down on heat expenses. There are, however, ways to save on your heating bills that you can use if you are unemployed and need to save some quick cash. Here are 8 sneaky ways to save on your heating bill this winter.

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8 Meeting Tips to Maximize your Time

Ever wonder why meetings in corporate America are so efficient? Well there are certain rules that you must follow in order to have a streamlined meeting that is up to par with what your party expects. Some of these may be obvious, but it is always worth reiterating these items in order to make the most of your meetings and to minimize time wasting. If you follow these 8 Meeting Tips to Maximize your Time your meetings will run smoother, faster and cover more information. Obviously, you don’t have to follow these rules verbatim, but they are here as a guidance and tool for you to utilize so that your meetings can run very smooth. These are just basic operations that should be included in any company as a part of their protocol. But, in case you were were wondering how to maximize the efficiency of your company, these meeting tips will help exploit the most of your meeting. [click to continue…]

90% of Americans Are Completely Wrong About This Mind-Blowing Fact About Income Inequality

So as I work my job I often wonder what it would be like to be on the top of the chain. On the executive level. What is it like to go to work and have everything done for you. Essentially, have it made. Now, I work hard. Harder than a lot of people I know. I know the CEO of a company works hard, but I also know that he or she probably has a lifestyle that far exceeds mine. In other words, their work is more valuable than mine. They don’t struggle. They don’t have financial difficulty in the same light I do. And, they don’t have to work. Heck, they can retire tomorrow and still be set for life. This kind of stuff really just enrages me. Not because I’m jealous, but because this is simply unthinkable. People work so hard and barely get by, while others make millions every year and can just coast. Sure, their hard work and efforts likely got them to where they are today, but we all know it’s not what you know, but who you know.

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8 College Mistakes Seniors Should Avoid

So you’re all excited to get your college career finally over. No more classes. No more books. No more professors, deadlines or anything school related. You are done. I remember when I graduated. It was an uplifting experience to know that I can finally start to make some real money and get a real job. Not as some secretary at the local bookstore. Unless of course you fall into the category of one of the Americans who have college degrees, but their job just doesn’t require them.

What are my regrets in retrospect? Well I really really regret not being prepared for graduation. Like many students, I didn’t really have a path afterwards. I was just going to see where the road takes me. So to speak. And that’s just what happened. The road took me to a very unwelcome place. I got a decent job and began to work. But, to what avail? It seems that most entry level positions are either dead-end jobs or simply pointless. I didn’t feel fulfilled, nor did I realize what I have done to myself.

I made the single worst mistake of my early career and that was not being ready out of college. Here are some of the college mistakes that seniors take.

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24 of the Most Awkward Moments at Work

Ever have those “off” days when things just don’t go your way? Things are just, well, awkward. Certain situations present themselves differently than usual and just some of the things you see at work don’t add up. I have those days all the time and I’m sure you do too. Just those “why me” moments. Or those moments that you just can’t stand to be at work anymore because of some very odd thing that happened. How do you recover from these? Furthermore, how do you look your co-worker in the face normally after a situation that occurs. Simply put, the office is full of these moments just because it’s an awkward place. Think about it, everyone is trying so hard to be formal and polite that they just miss the big picture. We are all people, and no matter how hard we try, there is nothing that we can do to alleviate these situations, except of course, stop taking yourself so darn seriously. Here are the top 24 of the Most Awkward Moments at Work that I’ve encountered.

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